My approach to manual bodywork integrates touch, and movement therapies, re-patterning mind, body, and emotional anatomy; addressing acute and chronic pain, movement dysfunction, maintenance, and well-being.

Jeff Atkins



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touch therapies

Bodywork is a physical conversation with the body. Techniques are tools and mechanisms to establish a dialogue. Sessions integrate: Neuro-Muscular Trigger Point Therapies; Fascial Release for Structural Balance; Structural Massage; Thai Yoga Bodywork; Ayurvedic Replenishing Bodywork.

therapeutic Lengthening

Using easy range of motion movements, both applied or assisted with your passive movements, restrictive dysfunctional patterns are identified and treated.  When focus is on movement re-patterning, lengthening functional soft tissues goes beyond simple stretching. 


Good posture with relaxation is a daily practice for everyone.  We learn to hide within our own body. Pain settles in body areas, regardless of source, our posture conforms and constricts to the pain felt. A slight shift in position brings relief.  Posture Fitness sessions, assist pain-free sitting, standing, bending, and walking.

Photo: "Ginko Sinews", Kem Alexander (2016)

Session Purpose


Regardless of your purpose for seeking physical bodywork, my intent is to open a responsive dialogue with your body through touch and mechanical manipulation.  Most western techniques are considered mechanical manipulations of soft tissues. Having worked with bodies for 20 + years,  I have come to learn, that techniques are merely tools used to solicit a physical and mental response, assisting pain relief, ease of movement, and general well-being. HOW, the technique is applied, or administered, determines outcome. Practicing responsive bodywork requires the ability to receive somatic (bodily) feedback, both physically and audibly. With the body~Attunement™ approach, body therapy becomes a physical dialogue with your body.  While body~Attunement™ may solve an issue, the intention is never to fix, but rather to bring you to a context of freedom, where space is created for healing to continue. 

body~Attunement™ offers specialized sessions for two populations: 1. Body Trauma, physical and emotional; 2. Stress relief, and general well-being.

If there is an acute issue, a current injury, pre or post surgery, or, pain relief during rehab, your session will be focused, and may not include a whole body treatment as the compromised body area may take the whole session to address.

Chronic, on-going, long lasting issues require multiple approaches as well as varying frequency. Generally, it may take 4 - 6 sessions to achieve sustainable reactions.  Relief from chronic issues usually lasts for a period of time.  To experience lasting results in some chronic cases, you would need to find a massage and bodywork maintenance schedule and incorporate self-care exercises to use between appointments. (To assist budgeting multiple sessions, scheduled closer together, I suggest you consider, Therapeutic Thirty, 30 minutes concentrated therapy.)


Session Protocol


Generally, all sessions begin with postural assessment.  This is a partnered experience, meaning we make the assessment together.  Active participation is used throughout a session, if it serves to facilitate the moment.  Participation is not taxing, as everything attends communication with your body, through stimulation of neuro-myo-fascial systems.

Manual therapies begin with contact with scalp, face, and hands. Numerous therapies may be used during a session.  All will be discussed and explained as the session progresses.

Sessions may be performed clothed, unclothed, or a combination. Please wear or provide loose-fitting attire, yoga or gym wear.  Your comfort is of utmost importance.

Please bring or wear socks as feet get cold when body temps fluctuate during bodywork.

If coming from workout, please shower first.

Arrive on time so your appointment is not rushed.

Please try to give ample notice when canceling so your time can be rescheduled.

Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged the full rate.


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"The goal of bodywork should not be to impose universalized standards of posture and movement upon an individual, but rather to help the individual to cultivate the mental awareness and the physical flexibility, to continually adapt to the changing needs of the moment."  
Deane Juhan, Job's Body