Body Language is a persuasive dialogue.

A dialogue between oneself and a dialogue with influences within and beyond the ‘kinesphere’ (the immediate space around you, and the distance you may be able to move, always leaving one foot or hand in a fixed place). Generally, we think of body language relating to an interaction with someone. Body language happens all the time. Check yourself in the mirror, when you’re shopping for clothes and nothing fits right . . . the frustration or even urgency to find something or get out of the store shape shifts your body. We are shapeshifters with singular responsive languages expressed through our movements and postures.

While I don’t believe there is a set protocol to establish the correct posture, there are a few universal movement patterns that play pivital roles in best posture practices.

Posture is held movement.

Even if we place, stack, or easily fall into a good sitting, standing, and walking moments