Bodywork is a physical conversation with the body.


Hello.  I am Jeff Atkins. 

My introduction to physical bodywork was in college. While studying theatre performance, I was exposed to somatic (bodily) practices.  These practices are movement re-training systems used to help live performers identify, explore and manipulate their habitual movement patterns, and thus expand movement possibilities for performance.  Actors study movement from psychological and physical perspectives. Somatic work helps rediscover the roots of your movement patterns. Movement education, somatic practices, movement re-training, body/mind exercises consumed my undergraduate life.  Within this body of work, a student is coached to re-train movement patterns for purposes of expression and communication. 

Fast forward . . . about 5 years following graduation, I was cast in a live production, that required physical demands, and soon repetitive actions, set dysfunctional patterns of discomfort in my posture and movements.  One of the producers sent me to a massage therapist.  This encounter prompted my continued exploration of manual therapeutic bodywork.

After my first visit to a massage therapist,  what probably struck me most, aside from the immediate relaxation, was the recognition of body areas that I had no awareness of holding discomfort and feeling constricted.  That was my introduction to manual bodywork.  A few years later, I began 20 years studying and practicing manual bodywork.

I have expanded my communication skills to include touch based therapies as a mechanism to communicate with your present body language.  Helping you find better balance and stress free movement is a privilege to share. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


Certified NeuroMuscular Therapist,
NeuroMuscular Therapy American Version.

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals, Certified Member