Rossiter Stretching :

  • A two person pin-and-stretch release technique

  • Pain Relief and Mobility Restoration

  • Can be done several times a week.

  • Optimal time for Rossiter Stretching : when currently in pain.

  • If you have had a cortisone shot or surgery at the pain site you cannot receive stretching at the pain site.  

(This does not mean other body areas are excluded from being stretched)

  • Must be able to get on and off the floor on your own.

  • A proper amount of weight must be accepted before stretching begins. Strategic anchoring of the practitioners foot while you perform movements releasing specific areas of tightened locked down tissues.

  • You must be willing to be coached. I will push you to complete each stretch.

(If you are already in pain, meeting that pain ‘face to face’ and moving through it for 10-15 seconds, is truly a piece of cake, when the outcome is so great!)

What to wear :  

Anything non-constricting; preferably workout clothing for ease of movement

Session Times:

30 - 60 min.

Please contact Jeff with any questions.

Bicep Flip

Bicep Flip