Primary Session Goals


1. Increase options for better movement;

2. Refine the proprioceptive sense;

3. Restorative, de-stress, well being.

Increase options for better movement : includes movement and manipulations. Ranging form subtle micro-movements to full range of motion, touch based therapies employ a spectrum of depth and pressure / weight. You will receive deep, direct touch, and subtle receptive touch. Structural and functional pain relief is a direct result.

Refine the proprioceptive sense : This includes how we feel in our bodies, how we move, and how position and movement determine posture. Posture is held movement. Posture is our platform for sitting, walking and standing. These areas are addressed first as means of awareness. Resetting neuromuscular connections, and releasing myofascial restrictions includes continued self care and corrective exercises. Muscle testing and kinetic chain repatterining include performance enhancing orthopedic based treatments.

Restorative, de-stress, well-being : No corrective bodywork, rather a straightforward massage based session. Generally performed on the table, occasionally performed on floor mat as well.

I hope to open a responsive dialogue with your body through touch and mechanical manipulation. With my approach, body therapy becomes a physical dialogue with your body.  While bodywork may “fix” an issue, the intention is never to fix, but rather to bring you to a context of freedom, by creating space for healing to continue and result in improved pain / discomfort relief and performance enhancement

If there is an acute issue, a current injury, pre or post surgery, or, pain relief during rehab, your session will be focused, and may not include a whole body treatment as the compromised body area may take the whole session to address.

Chronic issues, on-going and long lasting, require multiple approaches as well as varying frequency. Generally, it may take 4 - 6 sessions to achieve sustainable reactions.  Relief from chronic issues usually lasts for a period of time.  To experience lasting results in some chronic cases, you would need to find a massage and bodywork maintenance schedule and incorporate self-care exercises to use between appointments. (To assist budgeting multiple sessions, scheduled closer together, I suggest you consider, Therapeutic Thirty, 30 minutes concentrated therapy.)


Session Policies


^ Sessions may be performed clothed, unclothed, or a combination (Rossiter Stretching is performed clothed). Please wear or provide loose-fitting attire, yoga or gym wear.  Your comfort is of utmost importance.

^ Please bring or wear socks as feet get cold when body temps fluctuate during bodywork.

^ If coming from workout, please shower first.

^ Arrive on time so your appointment is not rushed.

^ Please try to give ample notice when canceling so your time can be rescheduled.

^ Cancellations within 24 hours will be charged the full rate.

# # # 

“The goal of bodywork should not be to impose universalized standards of posture and movement upon an individual, but rather to help the individual to cultivate the mental awareness and the physical flexibility, to continually adapt to the changing needs of the moment.”

Deane Juhan, Job’s Body