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Synergistic Flexibility is an integrated approach to flexibility, pain relief, and performance enhancement. The goal for each session is determined by the primary concern relating to rehabilitation / pain for an acute issues, general / whole body flexibility for enhancing performance, or addressing sensory depletion resulting from psychological areas of post traumatic stress. Whether rehab or performance enhancement is your goal, we still consider the role mental and psychological holding patterns are present in your body. The primary goal is to bring awareness to “stuck”, frozen, low perforating movement awareness and possibilities.

Flexibility is so much more than stretching. The fundamental aspects of flexibility, movement, and best posture are rooted in the motor control center of our brains. When physical or emotional trauma happens, your body responds often freezing in dysfunctional movement patterns. These postures of pain set the path for future problems and generally create compensation patterns that bring more discomfort than the original trauma. The body responds to trauma pretty much the same, whether from a physical injury / illness or emotional and mental abuse.

Synergistic Flexibility integrates Neurokinetic Therapy, assisted stretch therapy, and corrective movement and posture patterning exercises to begin the process of releasing and reprograming painful, limiting, dysfunctional movement patterns.

Through specific protocols of motor control testing and detailed palpation, we investigate beyond where the pain is felt or the sensory response is most intense and present and look for the true source. Then through assisted pin and stretch, and resistance stretching we release tension causing pain, discomfort, or faulty movement patterns.

This is an assisted process meaning you will take an active role in your treatments. While some techniques may include traditional and / or orthopedic massage, Synergistic Flexibility, as a service, is not a massage session. (Restorative Massage is offered separately. If you choose to combine flexibility and massage, choose the one hour, thirty minute option). Once dysfunctional movement and posture patterned are found reprogramming continues through stretching sessions. Stretching sessions by themselves without testing, generally are concentrated 30 minutes sessions, suggested for multiple sessions within a set time frame.

Synergistic Flexibility is performed on the floor, on a table, and occasionally active movement through all planes of mobility possible to you at time of treatment Whether your goals are general flexibility / or specific pain relief, you will leave the session feeling and performing better than you came into the session.


Rossiter Stretching :

  • A two person pin-and-stretch release technique

  • Pain Relief and Mobility Restoration

  • Can be done several times a week.

  • Optimal time for Rossiter Stretching : when currently in pain.

  • If you have had a cortisone shot or surgery at the pain site you cannot receive stretching at the pain site.  

(This does not mean other body areas are excluded from being stretched)

  • Must be able to get on and off the floor on your own.

  • A proper amount of weight must be accepted before stretching begins. Strategic anchoring of the practitioners foot while you perform movements releasing specific areas of tightened locked down tissues.

  • You must be willing to be coached. I will push you to complete each stretch.

(If you are already in pain, meeting that pain ‘face to face’ and moving through it for 10-15 seconds, is truly a piece of cake, when the outcome is so great!)

What to wear :  

Anything non-constricting; preferably workout clothing for ease of movement. Clothing is removed only if massage based treatments are required.

Session Times:

30 min - Stretch Therapy, alone

60 min - Investigative Testing + Stretch Therapy

90 min - Investigative Testing + Stretch Therapy + Restorative Massage

Please contact Jeff with any questions.

Bicep Flip

Bicep Flip