Your Body Speaks Its Mind


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It all started when...

Your body holds a story, your story. Without a movement practice throughout life or when interrupted buy illness or distress, your body can 'forget' to support your story.  Particularly, your story of living free from, chronic bodily discomfort, recurring psycogenic pain, and recovery from surgery or accidents. Any or a combination of these traumatic sources may cause your body to 'get stuck', literally forgetting how to function and move to your best ability.

Vibrations, pulsations, and streaming begin to shift somatic (boidily) responses, before, during, and after traumatic events.

We sense, feel, and react accordingly, as a whole somatic process. Tubular, and, spherical, liquid pressures, pull, push and rearrange your anatomy of movement, preparing for fight or flight, or simple locking down in freeze mode.

 Trauma Bodywork brings gentle sensory rehabilitation for physical, mental, or emotional past trauma. Safe skilled approach bringing attention and relief to "frozen" or structurally withdrawn and contracted body areas during and following a traumatic event. (Trauma Reflexes) Awareness precedes release of contracted postures.

Sensory rehabilitation is defined as slow interactive manual therapy, allowing change, rather than causing change (more often found in motor rehabilitation bodywork).

My approach to Trauma Bodywork is called :


attune  :

1. to bring into harmony

2. to make aware or responsive

body~Attunement™ seeks to open a dialogue between neuro-myo-fascial kinetic chains. An approach to hands-on therapy that attunes the awareness of the mind (nervous system) with the sensory input of the body, body~Attunement™ coaxes patterns of resistance, creating space for pain free relaxation, better movement possibilities, and self-care alternatives.

The Body Keeps The Score

Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.